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Reinventing Workwear - The Leading Brand in Workwear in Over 20 Countries and 40 Years of History


Are you tired of baggy work clothes? Are your work clothes just making your life more difficult? If you are like me who has been in the construction/trades industry for several years now, you may have realized that in recent years there has been a much-needed surge in European workwear trickling its way into North America.

Work clothes hasn’t changed much, but the person who’s wearing the clothes has changed. We want functionality, we want workwear that’s going to move with us and not against us. Ultimately, we want workwear that is going to help us get the job done, efficiently and safely.

One of the brands that made a lasting impression on me is Snickers Workwear. Let me tell you if you have yet to try out some of their gear, you are REALLY missing out. Functionality, design, ruggedness, usefulness, the list can go on forever. I was introduced to Snickers Workwear, when a buddy of mine was showing me the Snickers AllRoundWork Toolvest; an ergonomically designed tool carrying vest, that evenly distributes weight in the upper torso making it easier/accessible to grab tools and work, compared to your conventional tool belt (weighing you down and slowing you down).

From the first day on working with the Snickers Toolvest I was hooked, I literally went home and threw out my old tool belt that night. And it got me thinking, why haven’t the major Northern American brands that have been supplying workwear for generations thought about this or came to market with this? My answer, lack of innovation. The old motto is, “if it’s not broken, why fix it”, well they never knew that it needs fixing because no one talked about it. However, in today’s day and age with social media, people are collaborating, sharing what works, what doesn’t work, what they want.

And a brand like Snickers Workwear listens to what the consumer wants. The actual individual who’s wearing their product for upwards of up to 10-14 hours a day wants out of their workwear. If you look at it, it’s the simplest stuff, like the extra hammer loop on the right side of the pants, the cell phone pocket, the extra stitching in the crotch (so that your pants don’t constantly keep ripping).

To the guy in the back, telling me, “you pay over $100 for a pair of work pants?”. My answer to you is do you want something that lasts? Do you want something that is functional?  My mantra is, you look good, you feel good, you do good. Simple as that. And, hey, I understand it may not be for everyone and that’s completely fine, but at least give it a try first before you completely knock it down.


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