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Dream Hard. Work Harder.

As Amazon shatters sales records year after year at a tremendous pace, it has become increasingly harder for independent business owners in this industry like us to survive as the rich become richer.

However, as many of our employees have worked in the construction or safety-wear clothing industries in the past, our company is more resilient than most and we learned the value of hard work by working hard.

As a result, at Northern Boots, we believe that building relationships with our customers is like the construction of a high-rise building. It is not a quick process and no shortcuts are taken. In order to obtain the trust from our customers every step of the way, it all begins with setting a strong foundation. That is why everything we do revolves around our three core values:

  1. Quality excellence

  2. Cutting costs, not corners

  3. Commitment to customer

This is how we differentiate ourselves from the giants. Our work boots and other safety clothing products consistently meets or surpasses the customer's expectations of quality, we understand our customers the best and we offer better prices to our customers without any big commission fees being paid out to Amazon's pockets.

This is our "X" factor and this is why tough times never last, but tough people do.

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